About our meetings

What to expect at Witney Big Breakfast

We aim to be a community of local businesses who help each other.  This means that as we build relationships with each other it becomes easier to refer business.  Most of our members come regularly – not necessarily to every event but often enough to get to know everyone.

Our style is friendly and professional, we have a business focus but we do enjoy ourselves too.  The format of meetings is an informal start over coffee, tea or juice – a chance to chat, do business or share expertise.  Then we sit down and before breakfast comes, each of us does a quick one minute introduction.

kerrysmallThen it’s our very yummy breakfast delivered by Kerry (our really helpful waitress at The Fleece) and another chance to talk.  Often we have a short presentation on a helpful topic from one of the group or an invited guest and a chance to ask questions.

Sometimes we have a slightly different format which will vary, for example a member of the group might bring a business problem to the table for us all to make suggestions and offer support, we may have a discussion about a particular business issue eg benefits of using social media in your business etc.

We finish by 9am, so that you can crack on with your day or you are free to use The Fleece for business meetings with people you wish to talk to some more.